Hi followers! If you were wondering why we haven’t been posting much, it’s because we’ve been busy with our new foster pup!

He’s a 4-month-old Blue Merle Australian Koolie! His name is Axel, his original owner moved, and abandoned him, she told her neighbour to shoot him, because she wasn’t coming back. Another neighbour fed him for 3 weeks, but couldn’t keep him, so we took him on and we will help him find the perfect home.

We will be helping him gain confidence and teach him what it means to be a dog! He didn’t even know how to play when we got him, a 4-month-old puppy had no idea what to do with a toy! 

We will surrender him to Australian Working Dog Rescue Inc. (AWDRI) and we will foster him until we feel he is ready for his new home, then his profile will go on Pet Rescue, and hopefully people will send in applications to adopt him!

Please support AWDRI if you can, they’re a great organisation who save the lives of many dogs, including Axel! Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to rescue him, and who knows where he could be!



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